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Fang Shui - "The Art of Harmonious Dog Ownership". Is a brand new Interactive Dog Training DVD series presented by Graham Friend. A certified Canine Good Citizen Instructer, TV/Radio Presenter & Dog Trainer with over 20 years experience solving canine behaviour problems.

Have you ever wondered why your dog does the things he or she does? Won’t come when you call, barks when someone is at the door, begs for food at the table, takes things, chews your favourite shoes, won’t give back the ball after you have thrown it.
There are so many other “Dog Problems” that dog owners the world over suffer from and spend months, even years trying to fix, often giving up, deciding to change their lives to fit in with their dogs behaviour.

We search the web for obedience training, training DVD’s or dog whisperers. Most are excellent and worth every penny they cost.
Except if we don’t understand our dog’s body language or what we are saying when we behave in our natural way with them, we create most of the behaviour we are trying to prevent. We undermine all the training we are trying to do. We have wasted the money we spent on training advice, special training aids, obedience classes and the hours spent trying to train and fix our dog’s behaviour.

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