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Do you have a great idea, new product or invention that you need to showcase in a fully interactive demonstration to entice new customers or investors?

East Coast Animation has worked with numerous talented and innovative clients from around the globe. Creating Interactive Visualisation, DVD/Web Presentations, Virtual Showrooms, 3D Product Design & Interactive Demos showcasing exceptional new technologies & Inventions.

An Interactive 3D product demo is a great way to showcase a new idea, invention, design, product or service by adding an extra dimension of interactivity to your web site & Animated DVD presentations.
Interactive 3D Demo1
Interactive 3D Demo 2

We offer absolute confidentiality, security & privacy when working on your project.

As experienced digital creation professionals we always strive to meet the special needs of every clients unique project, production budget and time-line to deliver outstanding great value results every time.

Let our friendly team of experienced creative professionals help bring your great idea to life!

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